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We’re here to help you get your dream home.

Our perfect combination of technology and human touch provides unparalleled value.


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Put the customer first

When Guaranteed Rate began twenty years ago, the mortgage industry was entirely set up for the lenders, at the expense of the people who were just trying to buy a home. It wasn’t right.

So we flipped the industry on its head by putting the customer first, instead of the lender. For us, everything was, and still remains, all about providing a better experience for the customer. We are absolutely committed to delivering service so exceptional that our customers can’t wait to recommend us to their family and friends.

Our Net Promoter Score - which is a simple indication of your happiness - is 85, which is more than 2x the industry average*. And while that’s fantastic, we’re always working to make it even better.


Deliver low, low rates with a streamlined process

Right from the start, Guaranteed Rate began by breaking apart the entire mortgage process and evaluating every single step. How can this be better, faster, easier? Where could technology make something better?

We designed a unique “Proactive Mortgage Pod” model that surrounds each of our top-performing loan officers with his or her own team of highly-trained specialists, streamlining the process for customers through state-of-the-art data and communications technologies. Every loan moves faster. Every customer is happier.

By simplifying the loan process, hiring only the best of the best employees, and developing cutting-edge tech, we can bring both low rates and the highest level of service to every customer.

Get your mortgage, your way, anytime, anywhere

  • Our mortgage calculator, GRaffordable, provides customers real-time rates and information any time, day or night.
  • We created the World’s First Digital Mortgage, so easy that an application as few as 15 minutes.
  • Our secure document portal, TransferSafe, allows customers to easily share financial documents digitally in a secure environment and eliminates time-wasting paper-pushing.
  • Never satisfied, we just developed FlashClose™ – winner of the 2019 Top Tech award—a technology that shortens closing appointments to just minutes, rather than hours, and enables many closings to take place virtually.

*Data pulled from Guaranteed Rate’s Customer Satisfaction Surveys (2012-YTD 2020) and

Equal Housing Lender Badge

96% Customer Satisfaction Data Source: Guaranteed Rate’s Client Satisfaction Surveys 2019

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