North Carolina Veteran and VA home loans

North Carolina
Veteran and VA home loans

North Carolina

If you’re a current or former member of the U.S. Military, we thank you for your service. VA loans offer affordable homebuying options for active service members, military veterans and their families. Provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, these mortgages offer advantages that ease the financial burden on prospective homebuyers.
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Benefits of a North Carolina VA Loan

Most VA loans come with the added benefits of zero down payments, lower interest rates and no requirements for mortgage insurance. The VA sets these mortgage conditions and guarantees a portion of the loan amount which is in lieu of a down payment from the Veteran. Financing for the property purchase is still provided by a lender.

Borrowers will still need to be approved by a qualified lender under VA loan conditions in order to secure this type of mortgage.

North Carolina Veteran and VA home loans
VA 30-year fixed mortgage rates today

North Carolina specific requirements

While these loans generally follow the same processing steps nationwide, the VA does set specific requirements for some areas. Standards around energy efficiency, insect inspectionos and environmental hazards can all vary from state to state and borrowers are obligated to meet these standards for an approved loan.

The area below provides some insight on how North Carolina's VA mortgage loan requirements might differ:
  • No local requirements.

Why use Guaranteed Rate for your North Carolina VA Loan?

As a proud partner of the USO, we're dedicated to helping guide and support veterans and their families through their home buying or refinance process.² For all of 2020, qualifying borrowers pay no lender fee on North Carolina VA loans. Veterans and current members of the US Armed Forces can save $1,440 when you buy or refinance with Guaranteed Rate.³

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Veteran Statistics in North Carolina

Period ServedVeterans
Wartime Veterans564,016
Peacetime Veterans154,465
All Veterans718,481

All statistics sourced from

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