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The Basics

Whether your jewelry includes a single engagement ring or a collection of heirloom pieces from family members, it’s important to protect it with the right insurance coverage. Insuring your jewelry with a standalone jewelry insurance policy protects your home insurance from the effects of a jewelry claim.


Jewelry insurance typically only costs 1-2% of the jewelry’s value annually. For example, a $5,000 engagement ring could cost as little as $50 per year to insure. To put that in perspective, jewelry insurance can cost less than getting one coffee every month for a year.

Repair & Replace

A jewelry insurance policy allows you to work directly with your preferred jeweler to repair or replace your lost or damaged jewelry with “like kind and quality”.

No Coverage Limits

Many insurance policies not specifically designed for jewelry have a reimbursement limit. For example, a typical homeowners insurance policy might only pay up to $1,000 for jewelry claims, regardless of the value of the piece. With jewelry insurance, your limit is customized based on the value documentation you provide for your jewelry items, such as an appraisal or detailed receipt.


With a jewelry insurance policy, you have the ability to work with your own jeweler at the time of a claim, with guidance from jewelry insurance experts to get your jewelry back to the way it was as fast as possible. Plus, in most cases, you can choose your own deductible from flexible options, including $0.