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We believe we can accomplish amazing things together.

Our mission is to be a top 50 national insurance broker and the #1 fintech leader in the country, with the commitment that the more we grow, the more good we will do. To get there, we will embrace a positive mindset and authentically live our core values. We invite everyone to be members of our insurance community and care deeply about their overall wellness. Our technology-driven platform offers best-in-class tools for our agents, and quality insurance products that drive client satisfaction. Every day we focus on our goal of delivering an exceptional experience that provides peace of mind and inspires 100% of our members to refer us to family and friends.

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About Guaranteed Rate Insurance

Guaranteed Rate Insurance is one of the fastest organically growing independent insurance brokerages in the country. Since 2012, we have achieved double-digit growth, year over year, specializing in home, auto, commercial, life, and specialty insurance products. Guaranteed Rate Insurance is committed to serving its customers like no other company in the FinTech space and becoming a top brokerage in the insurance industry. Our strong culture and brand, national footprint, and our passionate team is what sets us apart. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer experience.

Guaranteed Rate Insurance was established in 2008 by Guaranteed Rate, Inc. President and CEO Victor Ciardelli. We offer an unmatched value proposition to our customers, our referral partners, and our team members. Our unique business model allows us to consistently achieve new heights and consistently redefine excellence all centered around the customer.

As a national insurance brokerage, Guaranteed Rate Insurance serves customers in all 50 states and represents over 50 top-rated insurance carriers. We understand that it is our job to listen, to be proactive, and to act quickly with purpose. We are experts in our industry taking a consultative approach to sales and service, adding value, and creating a trusted partnership with our carriers and our customers.

Press & Awards

Meet the team

Guaranteed Rate Insurance has built a leadership team that is dedicated to serving you. Your success is their mission.

  • “I lead all functions at Guaranteed Rate Insurance. It is my responsibility to take the strategic steps needed to build our company to become the leading personal lines & small commercial insurance brokerage nationwide. My aspiration is to be employer of choice and serving our customers like no other in the FinTech space.”

    Jeff Wingate

    EVP, Head of Insurance
    View LinkedIn Profile for Jeff Wingate

  • "It is my responsibility to set the tone for our company and maintain a culture where we are intentional in putting the needs of our customers first."

    John Deichl

    EVP, Sales
    View LinkedIn Profile for John Deichl

  • "In order to provide the top level of service, we must have the best people and best tools in the industry. I manage our recruitment efforts and coordinate with our technology providers to ensure an impeccable customer experience."

    Dominic Tassi

    SVP, Operations
    View LinkedIn Profile for Dominic Tassi

  • "As the head of product and technology, my team and I focus on delivering industry-leading digital applications across the entire value stream to enable our business to thrive in the marketplace, achieve growth targets, and optimize our customer and employee experience."

    Ryan Haggard

    SVP, Product & Technology
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  • “A great company starts with the people. I work with our sales teams to develop the overall sales strategy and drive growth across all channels to maximize retention and performance.”

    Ryan Mulvaney

    SVP, Sales
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  • "My job is to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality of service throughout their term with Guaranteed Rate Insurance. Our resources and customer service sets us apart from other options, making us your go-to brokerage for the best service, rate, and coverage."

    Mike Tumpane

    SVP, Customer Service
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  • "I help our teams operate efficiently by driving the roadmap and growth of all product initiatives across the organization."

    Eric Brookins

    Senior Director, Product
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  • “I’m in constant pursuit of improvement and efficiency. I work behind the scenes to make certain our software systems and insurance tools provide you what you need, when you need it.”

    Jaclyn Teets

    Director, Operations
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  • "As the Director of the Education and Development team, my focus is to design, develop, and deliver learning solutions that support the customer experience and support with business results."

    Tricia Inderhees

    Director, Training and Education
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  • "I provide the reporting and analytics for our executive, sales, and service teams, improving our customer’s experience through analysis and data."

    Jeremy Cassidy

    Director, Finance
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  • "My job is to develop and execute strategic marketing initiatives and collaborate with our teams to promote the company’s growth and success."

    Rachel Alvarez Campbell

    Director, Insurance Marketing
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Our core values

At Guaranteed Rate Insurance, we believe that service is at the core of everything we do. Serving others is more than what we value, it represents our way of being and dictates how we interact with our customers, loan teams, each other, and ourselves. Serving is a privilege and an honor, it is the foundational element that we focus on to build our business of formidable size and strength.

We define service as the opportunity to earn the trust of others by striving for excellence while providing them something needed in a manner which maximizes the impact and contribution to their lives.

We Grow for Good.

We intend to be a top 50 national insurance broker and the #1 fintech leader in the country, with the commitment that the more we grow, the more good we will do. We measure the positive impact we have on our clients and insurance communities. Every year, we conduct at minimum two companywide fundraisers, give each employee one paid day to improve our communities, and support over 50 individuals and their families through GRI’s Rate Foundation.

We Put Our Clients First.

We believe everyone deserves top quality insurance solutions, competitive rates and great service. We work relentlessly to earn our clients’ trust and improve their lives. We are absolutely committed to making sure every client loves working with us so much that they can’t wait to refer us to their family and friends.

We Work with the Best of the Best.

Our philosophy is to attract the best talent, build the best platform, be the premier destination for career development and grow our business with the best partners. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We have a burning desire to deliver great results and always satisfy our clients and members with exceptional service.

We Think Big.

We go for it. We are bold in our ideas, pushing beyond what most people believe is possible. We believe in the law of attraction and can manifest anything through positivity and working together as one team.

We Have GRIT.

We set meaningful, measurable goals and tenaciously pursue them day after day, week after week. We accomplish these goals by overcoming obstacles and finding a way to WIN. We are relentless. We never give up. Ever.

We Have An Owner’s Mentality.

We embrace a scrappy, entrepreneurial mindset and work as though we own the company. We are financially disciplined yet determined to push the boundaries and always invest in what matters. The success of our organization is directly tied to the well-being of our team, our members, and the diverse communities we serve.

We Embrace Change.

We rapidly adapt to the everchanging landscape. We innovate. We crush bureaucracy, formality, and the fear of failure. We work the problem and jump on opportunities. We make bold decisions while managing risk for the best interest of our team, members and community.

We Demand Excellence.

Our focus is to have the best value proposition in everything we do. We have the highest standards, take pride in always elevating our game, and go all-out to achieve excellence. Being good is never enough.

We Hold Ourselves and Others Accountable.

We’re not victims—we are masters of our fate. We honor the commitments we make and never say, “That’s not my job.” If we make a mistake, we own it, fix it, and move forward. We seek transparency. We embrace constructive criticism in order to learn and grow.

We Give A Sh!t.

Being part of the Rate family means caring deeply about the work we do to serve each other, our members, and our communities. We take pride in what we do and how we do it. You can’t work here unless you give a sh!t.

Guaranteed Rate Insurance Timeline

  • Seeing an opportunity to serve homebuyers using Guaranteed Rate’s streamlined mortgage process, we open our doors as a wholly owned subsidiary of Guaranteed Rate, Inc.

  • We make significant investment in people and technology, growing the staff and partnering with a leading quoting platform to provide faster quotes with more carriers.

  • We roll out a new insurance platform, integrating the system to better serve new homebuyers during the mortgage process.

  • We expand our coverage area up to 22 states. New developments in lead generation provide support for customers refinancing their mortgages.

  • Through strategic partnerships with new carriers, we now reach customers on the east and west coasts.

  • With new service offerings, new carrier contracts and by reaching customers in several new states, we are able to invest in our employees, growing our team by 60%.

  • We launch two new divisions, expanding coverage to Commercial and Life Insurance.

  • We open a new office in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. We implement a proactive pod model — a dramatic new team organization that allows sales, service and support to work together more efficiently. A state-of-the-art management system brings together our existing platforms, providing even better service to our insurance customers.

  • We expand our footprint to 40 states and break new business records each month. We started a partnership with Allstate, one of the top carriers in the industry, providing a range of new products on the national level.

  • We grow our leadership team to strategically expand our business through technology, marketing, and new partnerships.

  • We build on our strengths to offer a digital Life Insurance quoting platform, Home Insurance quoting platform, and other Insuretech innovations.

  • We strengthen partnerships by launching a new digital API, and earn a spot on the Top 100 Property/Casualty Agencies list by Insurance Journal.

Strategic Partners

Guaranteed Rate Insurance partners with the largest, most well know insurance partners in the industry. These companies include Allstate, Progressive, Travelers, Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, National General, AIG, CHUBB, State Auto, and Foremost.

  • Allstate
  • Progressive
  • Travelers
  • Safeco Insurance
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Nationwide
  • National General
  • AIG
  • Chubb
  • State Auto Insurance Companies
  • Foremost insurance group
  • AAA
  • Hippo
  • Lemonade
  • Pure

The Guaranteed Rate Foundation

The Guaranteed Rate Foundation was established with one simple objective in mind: Impact the lives of our employees, our partners and their families and communities in times of need, in meaningful and positive ways. Every penny that is donated goes to someone in desperate need of help. 100% of all expenses are covered by Guaranteed Rate.

Who we serve

Guaranteed Rate Insurance was established in 2008 by Guaranteed Rate, Inc. President and CEO Victor Ciardelli. Guaranteed Rate Insurance is an independent insurance brokerage offering an unmatched value proposition to our customers, our referral partners, and our team members. Our unique business model allows us to consistently achieve new heights and redefine excellence, which has positioned us as one of the fastest organically growing brokerages in the country. Since 2012, we have achieved double-digit growth, year over year, and now represent over 50 different property and casualty insurance providers in all 50 states.

We represent all 50 states with over 50 insurance companies


The best service comes from happy employees. We recognize and celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and we like to have fun! Guaranteed Rate Insurance is dedicated to building a happy, healthy work environment for everyone.

Our positive attitude ripples out into our communities, ensuring positive growth all around.
Our workplace accepts everyone for who they are. We want our coworkers to feel safe, welcome and proud.
Guaranteed Rate’s Organization of Women (GROW) is an inclusive organization that provides women a safe place to learn and exchange ideas.
Powered by our employees, the Guaranteed Rate Foundation is an organization that focuses on helping people in the community get back on their feet through donations.
We are committed to equality, equity and action. Ask us about Guaranteed Rate's Leadership Equality and Development (LEAD) program.